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Ministry Biographies

Darryl Henson

Our pastor, Darryl Henson, was born in West Texas in 1944. Darryl has raised five children, has five grandchildren and now lives with his wife Marla in Northern Arizona. He has been connected with Worldwide Church of God--and its branches--since 1953. Darryl attended Imperial School in Big Sandy from 1958-1962, Ambassador College Pasadena from 1962-66. He was ordained a Local Elder at graduation in 1966 and served congregations in Miami, Florida/Nassau, Bahamas; Fontana and Glendora, Ca; Blackfoot and Twin Falls, Idaho; Helena and Great Falls, Montana. He was out of the ministry from 1983 to 1993, living in Alaska and involved in business endeavors there, attending church services in Soldotna, AK. From there, Darryl became involved with Church of the Great God in 1992 and moved to Charlotte, N.C. as a full-time minister January 1, 1996. He conducted several Feasts in South Africa, traveled among the U.S. churches and wrote for The Forerunner among other duties.

Darryl left CGG in July of 2000 over calendar issues, rejecting the Hebrew Calculated Calendar. Calls came from around the country asking for a Festival gathering on the correct days. As a result, a telephone hook-up began on Trumpets 2000 and 70 gathered in Zion National Park for the Feast of Tabernacles and yet another "daughter of Worldwide" was born, A Congregation of God, A Free Church (ACOG). It is headquartered in Northern Arizona and maintains a Feast in Zion.


Nelson Nichols

Nelson was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1937 and moved to Florida with his family in 1949. He married his wife, Charlotte, in 1958. They have two sons and six daughters, 21 grandchildren and one great grand daughter.

He began attending Worldwide Church of God in the summer of 1963 while living in Houston, Texas and both he and his wife were baptized February, 1964. He was ordained a deacon in 1970.

He returned to Florida in 1976 to work as a commercial beekeeper and attended services in Miami, Florida. The Fort Myers, Florida congregation of Worldwide Church of God began in 1978 and Nelson and family attended there until 1994. He became associated with A Church of God Ministry of The New Mexico Region Church of God and was ordained a local elder at the Feast of Tabernacles in 1997.

Nelson became acquainted with Darryl Henson just before the Feast of 2000 and attended the first Feast of Tabernacles of A Congregation of God, A Free Church, in Zion National Park that year. He and his wife moved to Kanab, Utah December, 2001 and in July, 2002 moved to northern Arizona where he continues to serve as a local elder in A Congregation of God, A Free Church.

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