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History of A Congregation of God, A Free Church
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History of A Congregation of God, A Free Church

A Congregation of God, A Free Church began as a result of our pastor, Darryl Henson, coming to understand that the Hebrew Calculated Calendar is full of errors. This led to a split between Darryl and Church of the Great God in July 2000. Darryl did not plan to start yet another organization, but to keep the Holy Days correctly on his own.

However, people from here and there began to call and ask where and when he would keep the Feast that year. He told them Zion National Park in Utah. 70 showed up and wished to start a congregation. Not wanting to appear "exclusive" or "better than" any other organization, we chose "A Congregation of God" as a name. Assembly or Church are synonymous with Congregation. We later added Church to the name, but retained the "A" in recognition that we are by no means exclusive amidst the splintering of the Church.

While recognizing the presence of God in WCG and retaining the valid practices and understanding of that parent church under HWA, we also recognize the responsibility to "GROW in the grace and knowledge..." and are open to changes that can be biblically proved. After all, we were blown apart because God was not pleased with WCG, so trying to solely recreate that culture is clearly inadequate.

We have created a village in Northern Arizona over the past few years dedicated to creating and living a godly culture and society. We are working toward self-sustaining agricultural programs as well.

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