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Our Mission

Recognizing that the Church has been spewed out of God's mouth in pieces due to our lukewarm, lackadaisical attitudes, we are striving to renew within ourselves and others the zeal, fervency and honor to God that He deserves and seeks. We see in scripture that He will gather a faithful remnant of approximately ten per cent of the former WCG to build His temple, both spiritually and physically.

Herbert Armstrong fulfilled Mat. 28:19-20 in calling many disciples. He did not fulfill Mat. 24:14. That is a work to be accomplished by the Two Witnesses and the ten per cent remnant who will compositely be His witnesses that He is God (Isa. 41). We wish to be part of that remnant.

It is therefore our current mission to prepare ourselves spiritually and to help others in the same endeavor if our insights can be of assistance to them. We accept personal responsibility for what happened to the Church, not blaming the problems and splintering on someone else. We can only repair our own deficiencies and try to help others with theirs in so doing.

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